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May 25 2012
First time here? Need an account? Create your account and enroll in the Church Coordinator course

**Church Coordinator course only**

Step 1: Hold the "Ctrl" and "P" Key to print these instructions for reference

Step 2: Click on the option to “Create an account”

Step 3: Complete New user Account fields and click “Register”

Remember to create your login using this format: firstname_lastname and create your password as blessed1.  Login Name:________________  Password: blessed1

Step 4: Select the Course Catalog to choose the courses you want to enroll in, including "Orientation Guide"

Step 5: Click on “Free Course” next to each course to enroll

Step 6: Make sure you see your selected course in the “Selected lessons” section on the right (Including the Orientation Guide) and click “Continue” to proceed

Step 7: Click on the “Free Registration” button to confirm your auto enrollment

Step 8:  Review the "Orientation Guide" course first to familiarize yourself with the system

Step 9:  You may now click on the Church Coordinator course sections (starting with ATCC1) and begin the training…